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26 December
Los Angeles, California, United States
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Ogenki Desu ka?


+ Graduated with a BA in Public Relations (minor in Japanese)

+ Soon to be an Event Program Manager for an Event Production/Marketing Company (Entertainment Industry)

+ Living in Los Angeles

+ I LOOOOOVE ART!! Especially singing (I'm a vocalist)

+ I enjoy chicken

+ White Chocolate Reese's Peanut Butter Cups? Heaven.

+ Want more LJ friends

+ Single as a dollar bill

+ Sarcastic as heezie

+ Favorite Shape: Stars

+ Sleep is for the dead...unless the living is REALLY tired

+ MUSIQ (SOULCHILD) is my baby daddy #1--no exceptions

Interesting Fact:

I, the chocolate skinned cali princess that I am, went to the African Marketplace Festival in Los Angeles (Exposition Park, near USC). I stopped by this natural skin care table where this older (in her 70's) lighter skinned nubian sista with HUGE glasses from 1965, proceeded to "educate" me on the benefits of natural skin care. She began with my face, which was already clean. She was determined to rub and rub her weird astringents and soaps on a part of my face. She became frustrated as nothing was come off on her cloth. She scrubbed uncomfortably harder until chocolate residue was left on the cloth. With pride, she proclaimed that her natural products worked because of the residue on the cloth. That chocolate residue was my skin! She was trying to wipe the black off me, leaving that part of my face raw, under the guise that it was dirt! I suppose I was just too black to be at the African Marketplace that year. Maybe next time.

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